Sephardi-Mizrahi Jewish Carrier Screen (48 Genes)

Related Gene(s): Please download the brochure for a full list of genes screened for.

There are several pathogenic variants that occur at increased frequencies in the Sephardi Jewish (Southern European and Northern African) and Mizrahi Jewish (Middle Eastern/Arab) populations. Our Sephardi-Mizrahi Jewish Carrier Screen covers 48 conditions that fall into this category.

Although this testing can detect the majority of disease-causing pathogenic variants, a negative result does not eliminate the possibility that an individual is a carrier of a rare pathogenic variant that was not identified. Please refer to the residual risk tables found in the Comprehensive Jewish Carrier Screen brochure to determine the risk following a negative result.

For prenatal samples, please contact our laboratory at 212-241-7518 for more information.

Specimen Requirements

  • Blood: One 5-10 mL tube with ACD (yellow top) and two 5-10 mL tubes with EDTA (lavender top)
  • We accept saliva specimens to perform follow-up molecular testing for partners of identified carriers. Please contact our laboratory to obtain saliva kits

Ordering Information


  • Ship at room temperature

Turnaround Time

  • 7-14 days


Carrier Screening Requisition
Comprehensive Jewish Carrier Screen Brochure